Casual Qualified Chefs Required

  • Must have 3 – 5 years of experience working in a high volume/fast paced kitchen environment.
  • Function experience is desirable but not essential.
  • Must be able to demonstrate exceptional preparation, time management and organisational skills.
  • The successful applicants will be offered 15 -25 hours on a rotational roster, including night and weekend shifts.


To apply for this role please email your resume to Executive Chef at glenn.whitehurst@acrossthewaves.com 









Singer/Musicians (Soloist)


About the Business:

The Waves Sports Club books in excess of 280 gigs each year to its lounge and function room stages, including soloist, duo, trio, band, and ticketed show entertainers. A diverse range of genres are booked for these gigs, including alt rock, rock and roll, folk, blues, roots, rockabilly, country, country rock, pop, pop rock, and post-grunge. The Waves prides itself on providing the community a vast and varied range of music throughout the year, and is proud to support new entertainers seeking their first stage and live audience to kick-start their musical career.


About the Gig:

The Waves is currently seeking new soloist singer/musicians to play during the Friday 5.00pm - 7.30pm timeslot. This timeslot is a warm-up gig for the early Friday evening crowd who are easing in to their night, dining with their family, and/or enjoying the bar facilities. An acoustic guitarist is preferred for this timeslot but all instruments will be considered. Singers with backing tracks will also be considered. Singing is essential, with the expectation of performed genre being alternative rock, soft rock, folk, pop, and/or soft pop rock of the 80's, 90's, or new millennia. The repertoire may include original tracks but a 90% minimum requirement of recognisable covers is to be played for every gig. 

There is no set fee for this gig spot. Fees will be negotiated according to quality and experience. There are no auditions for this gig, however The Waves expects to be able to have access to an online demo (e.g. Spotify, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook), or a demo CD prior to any booking. There is opportunity for successful singers/musicians to play in this timeslot regularly for The Waves. 


No accommodation or rider will be provided for entertainers booked to the Friday 5.00pm - 7.30pm gig. 


About You:

You are a neatly dressed professional soloist musician who will adhere to The Waves dress code and respect the business-to-business relationship with The Waves and its members and guests, with good working ethic. You are able to supply your own instruments and your own full PA, including speakers, monitor, leads, mixer, microphone, and any racking, and have a complete understanding of your own gear, set-up, technical adjustments, and sound engineering. You will have a reasonable understanding of room acoustics. You will have a repertoire of music that can satisfy at least 2.5 hours of performance time with a reasonable ability to fulfill audience requests. You will have a terrific understanding of varying audiences, being able to read a crowd and adjust your performance to them as necessary. You are completely autonomous, able to set-up and sound check prior to the gig, control your own stage space, be responsible for your own instruments, PA, and breaks, and be able to completely pack down within 30 minutes. You will be able to provide a written invoice in person or via email for each gig you perform and you accept a 7 day payment system via bank transfer only.  

Please note: The Waves does not pay cash-in-hand.         


If you are interested in applying to gig for The Waves during this Friday night, 5.00pm - 7.30pm time slot, please send a brief email with demo links to Josh Hogarth, Marketing Manager, at josh.hogarth@acrossthewaves.com