Ticketed Shows

Contact The Waves Sports Club: Ph. 4152 1531. Each month The Waves host a ticketed event in The Sails Function Room. A variety of shows, concerts, and events are booked, with tickets going on sale eight weeks prior. Past events have included Dave Evans, Killer Queen and ABBA Rebjorn. For up-coming ticketed evens, read on.


Bundaberg Entertainment

Morning Shows

Contact The Waves Sports Club: Ph. 4152 1531. On the second Wednesday of every month The Waves host its free Morning Melodies show. Performers include Fortunato, Tommy Memphis, The British 60's Show, Connie Francis and many more. For up-coming morning show entertainers, read on.


Bundaberg Entertainment

Weekly Soloist Entertainment
Every Thursday, Friday & Sunday

Contact The Waves Sports Club: Ph. 4152 1531. From acoustic, soft roots to rock & roll and country to vocalists, The Waves books a fantastic selection of local and metropolitan acts for lighter entertainment every week on Thursday, Friday and Sunday evenings. Continue reading for specific genres and times... 


Bundaberg Entertainment

Weekly Band Entertainment
Every Friday & Saturday

Contact The Waves Sports Club: Ph. 4152 1531. 60's-to-Now, 80's-to-Now, Pop, Pop Rock, Rock & Roll and any other music genre to get the party started, that's our band entertainment nights in a nut shell. The drink promotions are usually running, the bar staff are usually dancing and the weekend is here! 


Bundaberg Entertainment