Pokie Game Shows

Sunday Wheel of Cash – 3:00pm to 5:00pm

It’s time to bring in the BIG WHEEL! One player will spin the big wheel every thirty minutes and win the result of their spin in INSTANT CASH! $50, $150, or $200 is up for grabs each round. Good luck with the Wheel of Cash!


Monday Random Luck – 11.30 to 2:00pm

Five draws of INSTANT cash up to $50 every thirty minutes, but the best part is the jackpot card! Each of the five lucky winners has the chance to win the jackpot if they are sitting on any of the lucky machines. Jackpot will increase, starting at $50 and going up each week along with an extra machine allocated to the jackpot each week as well. It’s RANDOM! It’s LUCKY! 

Monday Random Luck Pokie Gameshow Win


Tuesday Cash Roll – 11:30am to 2:00pm

Five players, one called up every thirty minutes, will roll two big dice three times. Each dot of the roll result is worth $10 and the winner takes the highest result of the three rolls. Oh, we forgot - if you roll doubles at ANY TIME you win the jackpot amount of $100 instantly! Roll the dice. Count the dots! It's out Tuesday Cash Roll.


Tuesday Cash Carnival - 6.00pm to 9.00pm

Five winners, one drawn every fifteen minutes, will be asked to choose one of five sealed envelopes and write their name on it. Inside these envelopes are four prizes - $75, $75, $100, $100, and one MASSIVE prize of $250. At 9.00pm all five winners open their envelopes together. Will you pick the $250 envelope? Come and see on Tuesday nights with our Carnival Cash! 


Wednesday Speedy Cash – 11:30pm to 2:00pm

ZOOM, ZOOM! There’s no messing about with this game show. $100 will be won every fifteen minutes over ten draws. That’s $1000 GUARANTEED! It’s speedy. It’s fun. Oh, and did we mention it’s $1,000 EVERY WEEK, GUARANTEED!


Thursday Find The Cashman – 11:30am to 2:00pm

Twelve cards, face down on a pin board. Can you find the Cashman? He’s worth $300 if you do. Five lucky players, one called up every thirty minutes, will get to turn over one card on the pin board. Every card is worth instant cash, between $50 and the $300 Cashman! It’s Find the Cashman and it’s every Thursday.


Friday Scatter Cash – 11:30am to 2:00pm

Welcome to Bundy’s best cash prize game show, Scatter Cash, where $900 is guaranteed to be WON every week. Five winners will be selected, one every thirty minutes, and the prizes are instant cash! $150, $100, $200, $150, and $300 prizes are GUARANTEED EVERY FRIDAY. Scatter Cash. Simple. Easy. HUGE WINS!


Saturday Fetch the Treasure -  3pm – 5pm

Throw three bells into the box of cups with each cup being worth a different amount of instant cash, and add up the total of all four. Easy! Your job is to get the balls into the most valuable cups! Fetch Your Treasure. It’s fun. It’s exciting. It’s every Saturday.



All gameshows are open to MEMBERS ONLY of The Waves Sports Club with their valid membership card inserted into an active gaming machine.  For every $2 or more win one (1) ticket is earned. 

Times for gameshows during the week tickets start going in at 11.30am and on the weekend 3pm with first draw at 3.30pm